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We are on a mission to help businesses create a happier, healthier and more connected workplace however and wherever your staff are working.

FEN Fitness can provide Virtual Personal Training to staff to help create a healthy and productive place of work.

Fitness, Health and wellbeing have become a strategic consideration for all businesses. With an increased need to focus on both areas, FEN Fitness can and will deliver Virtual PT sessions to your team. This will involve 30min Zoom Session once a week.

FEN Fitness has created a learning environment where clients will be taught how to use different strategies based on cognitive behavioural self-help techniques.
Virtual PT sessions are designed for your entire team to allocate themselves 30mins per week to improve their overall fitness, health and workplace wellbeing across your organisation.

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Positive workplace wellbeing can have physical benefits as well as mental, with employees more likely to adopt and maintain healthier habits thanks to FEN Fitness Virtual corporate fitness Training. By making simple and positive changes, staff are more likely to be productive, innovative and competitive.

In addition, fewer hours lost due to ill-heath can be achieved, resulting in greater productivity and more proactive staff.

Empower your team to thrive.

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Benefits for your Business!

Retain and motivate your more precious resource – your staff

Healthier and happier workforce

Colleagues more focused and efficient

Increased health, well-being and profitability for your business

What is required?

Buy in from Business Owners and Senior Leaders

Strategic Overview of Health and Well-Being

Commitment to creating a positive working environment

Our Corporate Fitness Packages


  • Full Consultation
  • 12 Wk Nutrition & Training Plan
  • Full Support and Guidance
  • Weekly Check-ins


  • Full Consultation
  • 30 Min Group HITT Sessions
  • Full Support and Guidance


  • Full Consultation
  • 12 Wk Tailored Nutrition Plan
  • Full Support and Guidance
  • Weekly Check-ins

Improve the performance of your team.

Our corporate fitness plans can help improve the performance of your team, decreasing sick days and lowering stress. It’s also a great way of strengthening and boosting team morale and fitness.


12 Week Tailored Training
and Nutrition Programme


Includes FREE Consultation, Weekly Check-ins, WhatsApp support and guidance, Tailored Training Programme and Bespoke Nutrition Plan.


Includes 12 Week Bespoke Nutrition Programme


Includes FREE Consultation, Weekly Check-ins, WhatsApp support & guidance and Tailored Nutrition Plan.


30min HITT Session in the comfort
of your own home or front room


Virtual Personal Training from the comfort of you home or place of work. Includes FREE Consultation with WhatsApp group support and guidance.


An increase in productivity is noticeable within weeks of implementing an exercise regime. When your team feel happier and energized they are more efficient and effective at their jobs.


Exercise increases levels of feel-good chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, allowing your staff to feel happier and more positive.


Exercise Promotes teamwork in the workplace and allows personal connections to grow and strengthens crucial teamwork skills, ultimately improving performance.


Physical activity gets the heart rate up and the blood flowing and releases endorphins that will raise the energy level of your team.


Physical activity causes more blood to flow to the brain, which fires up your neurones and promotes cell growth, particularly in the hippocampus (which is critical for learning and concentration.)


Physical activity helps rid the body of bacteria from the lungs and airways. This may reduce the chance of your team getting a cold or seasonal flu.

The sessions have been fantastic, delivered to the comfort of our homes and adapted to suit everyone’s ability. A fun way to get fit and get to know your colleagues better whilst feeling amazing and energised. Gwen is so full of energy and motivating bringing fun and laughter to every session. Thank you!

Simon Withers, S2 Technologies

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